Terrorism or Capitalism?

I'm a photographer not a terrorist!

Young Voices
iPhone photo of the thousands of children that make up the Young Voices choir.

whinge alert!

I attended the Young Voices concert on Wednesday night at the MEN Arena in Manchester. I was particularly excited because my daughter and her school were part of the massive choir made up of thousands of children. I took my DSLR with my 75-300mm zoom lens with the hope of picking out my daughter from the crowd.

Approx. half way through the concert I was approached by a plain clothes security bloke. He said they’d been watching me on CCTV using my DSLR and I was to stop immediately. I enquired for what reason can I not use it? “It’s in the rules. It’s part of security measures in relation to the prevention of terrorism”, was his response. My jaw dropped. I’m sure you can understand how ridiculous his comment was given I was surrounded by people with “non-threatening” camera phones and compact cameras. I politely agreed to his request. I quickly hopped onto google and searched for the rules. There they were in black and white clearly stating that the camera I had taken with me was prohibited.

Oh well I thought, I’m on private property and the rules are the rules. I wanted to get on with enjoying the concert so I put the issue behind me.

I still couldn’t work out why it was such a big deal until they announced DVD’s of the concert and photos of the children are available to buy online. So I read that as we don’t want you to use good cameras otherwise we won’t be able to profit from your children.

Turns out the real reason was nothing to do with terrorism at all. Capitalism sucks.

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