Systemic Flow Mapping – Mature Synergistic Mindset

Plug Hole

When an organisation has truly eliminated the chasm between dev and ops, when teams are aligned by value stream, and when you no longer have teams but capabilities, you may be in the Mature Synergistic zone. The organisation depicted in this flow map no longer have any hand off points. All staff that service these value streams act as a single tribe with a sole goal for moving value across the boards as a unit. Most staff are generalists with specialist skills. All types of work are serviced by the value streams, i.e. BAU, defects, maintenance, incremental enhancements. Having separate teams for Support, BAU, and Strategic Projects was eliminated several years ago. Big strategic projects don’t exist, in fact, the whole concept of a project is alien in this world. To have a project initiation, elaboration, implementation, closure is impossible in a world where cycle times are several hours. Having cycle times never longer than days but regularly in the order of hours is nothing special to this org – it’s just the norm. This organisation is constantly reviewing and adapting its capabilities. Staff are constantly striving for the ability to rapidly create new capabilities in response to market opportunities. Working for this organisation is deeply satisfying and very fun indeed. Annual reviews don’t exist. Staff provide feedback to colleagues in real time constantly looking for learning opportunities or simply to vent (yes, they still have frustrations).

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