Royal Mail Experience

Royal Mail Wagon

20120312-095309.jpgI recently came home to find a little red card had been pushed through my letter box from Royal Mail informing me of a failed delivery. If you’re not familiar with these cards they are a simple pre-printed card which the postman ticks a box and hand writes some details on to. The card doesn’t contain any serial numbers or anything specific to the parcel. I placed the red card to one side.

A couple of days later whilst out and about I realised I was passing the Royal Mail depot so decided to pop in to collect the parcel. I didn’t have the red card with me but I did have ID and proof of address. When I got to the counter I explained that I didn’t have the red card with me. The postie headed into the back and brought my parcel to the counter. He then explained that I couldn’t have it as I needed to bring the red card in. He said all he could do was put the parcel back out for delivery the next day. I suggested he writes me a new card (from the pile of blank ones in front of him) so I can save Royal Mail the expense of another failed delivery. I explained that I wouldn’t be in the next day. The postie then said “don’t worry, you’ll get another red card that you can bring in and collect the parcel from here”.