classes of service in action

How to juggle planned and unplanned work (BAU vs Strategic)

Are you trying to deliver a key strategic project? Are you constantly interrupted by support or business as usual (BAU) type activity? In Kanban, Classes of Service provide a transparent mechanism for capacity management. They control the balance of different work types delivered. A common use for classes of service is to strike a healthy […]


portfolio capacity step2

How resource management works in an Agile Environment

How does resource management work in an Agile environment? Resource management in Agile is significantly easier to manage than in more traditional resourcing models. There are some simple Kanban visualisations that balance the demand against team capacity, and some simple principles to guide you. Portfolio decisions can have a direct and significant impact on team […]


Left Shift

Avoid missed deadlines with this one easy daily habit

A big cause of late delivery is right in front of your eyes. Waiting time is a massive form of waste on any software project. Waiting time can be observed in at least two simple ways; queuing work and blocked work. These two forms of waste are highly visible – but only if you’re looking […]


Kanban for HR

I’ve been working with a number of HR teams recently to help them to take advantage of Kanban techniques. Each HR department was 6-12 people in size working for orgs with a headcount of 600-1200 people. It’s been a really fascinating journey having learned so much about a new domain and finding very similar problems […]


How to do real-time retrospecting

Many teams who use Agile practices run regular retrospectives (when was your last retrospective?!). However, these ceremonious gatherings often become stale pushing teams to look for alternative formats to fill their 2hr meeting. If you find your retrospectives are becoming stale then maybe this is a sign that you need to evolve away from your […]


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